#95506  CEW Taser   $399.00

A bit more aggressive, the CEW is an effective alternative (and from a safe distance.)

The CEW Taser is simple to use, small, compact and non-lethal. And you’d better believe that it will give a jolt that the intruder or assailant will not soon forget…allowing you and others time to get to safety.

The unlucky recipient of being stung by this CEW will instantly lose all control of his voluntary muscles and most likely experience “neuromuscular incapacitation.” In short, he isn’t going anywhere soon.

This effect is achieved by simply using the laser guided pointer to aim and press a button. Two tethered darts will shoot out and penetrate up to 2” of clothing from up to 15’ away. On contact, 50,000 (harmless) volts of electricity will be delivered, more than enough to temporarily incapacitate even the most violent offender.

So effective, the same non-lethal technology is used in law enforcement and prisons.
Seems hard-core doesn’t it?

Keep in mind, the guy came into your place looking to hurt somebody…were you just going to be a sitting duck? (We hope not.)

Easy to use, and the firing button is unmistakably protected to prevent accidental activation. Easily stores within the Finger-Lock Biometric Safe. Lithium battery operated.

Taser CEW C2TM