Prepare, Notify and Protect


#   SafeDefend


This is a complete security system in a box. Ideal for school security, but also for businesses, places of worship, etc. 

Housed in a Biometric (fingerprint) safe only you (or those you chose) can have access.

One swipe of a finger, and the safe pops open…automatically activating a sophisticated notification system direct to law enforcement, the front desk, administrators and anyone else that you deem necessary. They will get your exact location and a message that an emergency is in progress. SEND HELP!​​

Inside the safe there are self-defense items such as door barricades, mace, tactical strobe, police baton, handcuffs and some emergency medical supplies.

Top-notch training comes with each SafeDefend safe from ex-law enforcement, and we encourage your local police department and security protocols to be included as well. A complete package!