ULockIt is the barricade so simple and yet so tough. Mounted to the door and frame this “U” frame slips and clicks in place. Inward or outward opening.


Door barricade. Simple system used for inward or outward opening doors as well as many double doors. Easy and quick to deploy. Campus Safety award winner.



Incredibly designed, this little tool is compact, easy to use and actually works to “jam” a door shut.  The DoorJammer is designed to fit under the bottom edge of an inward opening closed door.

This unit will fire out a glob of gooey, sticky, viscous Oleoresin Capsicum OC liquid at 405 mph, for up to 23 feet away.



Neat thing is, these are all very simple to deploy, in literally seconds and they are practically BOMB-PROOF! 

This combination product is a high-power pepper sphere launcher (200 rounds), brightly colored level III ballistic vest and a heavy duty keyed locker to keep the items safely stored.



The CEW Taser is simple to use, small, compact and non-lethal. And you’d better believe that it will give a jolt that the intruder or assailant will not soon forget…allowing you and others time to get to safety.

Fast & Easy…inward and outward doors.  A simple hole drilled into the floor provides the strength of this uniquely designed barricade device. At floor level, its way out of the reach of the bad guy.

This little trick is a hollowed out book that will store an array of items that will fit in a 7” x 7” x 2” space.

Guard SafeTM


Non-Lethal Solutions To A Threat

Book Safe


This is a complete security system in a box. One swipe of a finger, and the safe pops open…automatically activating a sophisticated notification system direct to law enforcement.



This is a combination video recorder, piercing alarm, disorienting strobe light, has a speaker phone, laser pointer and lastly a scorching hot blend of pepper spray…all rolled into one.


This highly engineered security strap system is simple, secure, easy and affordable.  Designed by High School Students  specializing in rigorous science and engineering fundamentals.


Simply swipe your fingerprint, and instantly the safe opens…only for you. Each time, every time consistently.