#95504  JPX Launcher    $350.00

Somehow the sensation of having your “face on fire” usually works to deter and preoccupy even the most aggressive.

Announcing the most advanced, laser directed pepper gun available.

Not just any pepper gun, but we set on Swiss engineering to get it right with the JPX from Piexon. This unit will fire out a glob of gooey, sticky, viscous Oleoresin Capsicum OC liquid at 405 mph, for up to 23 feet away. Some affectionately call it the Napalm Goop Launcher™.

The viscosity of the liquid is what makes it neat…with little to no overspray. Hitting only your target with a maximum spread of 2 feet. Traditional pepper spray comes out as an aerosol or cloud type delivery, and often can contaminate the entire room.

The JPX is fitted with a two shot cartridge, and its firing mechanism is all mechanical…no need to charge or maintain a battery. Small enough to fit within the Finger-Lock Safe™ on the facing page.
The result?


JPX PepperTM

You really want to know? The assailant will be completely incapacitated. The pain will be indescribable. Eyes will involuntarily shut. Mucous membranes around the eyes, nose and mouth will uncontrollably water and flow. The subject will quickly forget what he came there for and focus on putting out the fire…which he will not be able to do for at least the next 15 or 20 minutes...often up to 45-60 minutes. Giving you plenty of time for you to get everyone to safety.
Sounds kind of nice doesn’t it?

Hey, he came with bad intentions…we just temporarily, um, changed his focus shall we say. Less than lethal, but the assailant probably feels like it was lethal! Training available if requested.