#95505    Guardian 8 Pro V2    $450.00

How it Works   ...    Once the safety is off, the laser pointer is activated and the built-in recorder is documenting the events in stunning detail…audio and video. At the press of a button, the unit is paired to your cell phone, which dials a number (a user defined emergency number, police, administrator, etc.) and activates the clear speaker phone.

With the two-way communication link connected, the user can verbally pinpoint exactly where and what the situation is, and other pertinent details. Help is on the way.

If that isn’t enough, another press of a button and a bright strobe goes off and an attention getting audible siren is heard. Rest assured, anyone within a block or so will be aware of the situation. And if that doesn’t de-escalate the event…the trigger can be pulled all the way to spray enough immobilizing pepper spray to stop an elephant…with laser guided accuracy. (With precision pin-point delivery so there is no “fogging the entire room.”)

Training is available for less than $200 for one day at our facility in Arizona…so bring your golf clubs! You can even have various options available including dye spray vs. pepper spray…some hospitals even opt for just water spray.


Guardian 8 Pro V2TM

Layered Defense


Some situations require a gentle nudge. Others require more force. With the Guardian 8 PRO V2TM, you are in complete control…with the ability to warn at several stages and escalate if need be.

Looks like a self-defense weapon out of a Star Wars movie…this is a combination video recorder, piercing alarm, disorienting strobe light, has a speaker phone, laser pointer and lastly a scorching hot blend of pepper spray…all rolled into one.

Used by law enforcement, hospitals, security and the military for situations needing less than lethal yet effective response...and to document their actions.

May fit your bill as well.

Compact size fits within the Finger-Lock safe.