Typically, the intruder is hunted down and then neutralized with an almost “tear-gas” grade pepper powder before he can do any more damage before the police even arrive…which is on average 8 minutes.

Range is approximately 150’ and the pepper spheres can be launched at the rate of a blistering 15 balls a second. These aren’t your Mom’s pepper balls either…they are designed to stop a charging bull. Each shattering ball contains PAVA powder commonly used by law enforcement.

 In some situations, you need to be a bit more pro-active in defending your environment. Guard Safe™ will definitely send you down that path.

It incorporates a high-power pepper sphere launcher (200 rounds), brightly colored level III ballistic vest (for personal protection, and to identify you as one of the good guys) and a heavy duty keyed locker to keep the items safely stored.

This system is ideal for the supervisor or administrator. Once they have been made aware of the threat, the facility should be on lockdown.


#95507    Complete Guard Safe System

                      w/Training                                       $5,999.00

Guard SafeTM